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Macrolife Naturals Macro Greens - 10 Oz

38 Health Building Ingredients
A-Z Vitamins from Organic Whole Foods
Boosts Energy and Metabolism
Supports Natural Weight Loss
Ingredients : Barley grass juice powder 800mg, spirulina powder 750mg, chlorella-cracked cell 200mg, spinach powder 85mg, lactobacillus rhamnosus type A and type B, lacobacillus acidophilus and bulgaricus, bifidobacterium longus and breve, vitamin C (natural rose hips) 585mg, acerola 529, vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl succinate)235 IU, bioflavinoids (citrus) 55mg, silymarin (milk thistle 80% extracts)35 mg, grape seed (95% proanthocyanidins) 30 mg, green tea (60% polyphenols, 40% catechins) 30mg, rutin 30mg, gingko biloba (24% gingko flavoglycosides, 6% terpene lactones) 10mg, red raspberry powder 450mg, parsley juice powder 450mg, ginger powder340mg, horsetail stem powder 170mg, royal jelly (5% 10-HDA) 85mg, licorice root powder 55mg, eleuthero root extract 35mg, suma (paffia paniculata) 35mg, astragulus membranicus) 35mg, echinacea augustifolia (extract 5% echinacoside) 35mg, damiana 35mg, apple pectin 280mg, apple fiber 280mg, flax seed meal 115mg, soy lecithin 99% oil free non-GMO) 1135mg, aloe vera (freeze dried)450mg, yucca juice powder 450mg, watercress juice powder 340mg, carrot juice powder 225mg, beet juice juice powder 115mg, nova scotia dulse 20mg,cactus juice powder 20mg, stevia 12mg, protease/cellulase/amylase/lipase, 200mg.
Gluten Free : Yes
Size : 10 OZ
Pack of : 1

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