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Drinking Tips

After years of experience, we at Lexa Health have come up with some drinking tips to promote healthy drinking and help you avoid or at least minimize the hangover. Follow these tips and you will thank us the next day.

Lexa Health's Drinking Tips

*Mix in Water – Hopefully this is a no brainer, but dehydration is the #1 cause of a hangover. During the night or before you go to bed, remember to a drink a minimum of 16 ozs of water. Sometimes I will even set my alarm a few hours before I intend to wake up, and chug a few bottles of water then go back to sleep. Alcohol is a diuretic and encourages the body to expel more fluids then it takes in, hence why you pee so much and wake up dehydrated. 

*Drink Clear Vs Dark – Different types of alcohol contain varying amounts on congeners as a result of the fermentation process. The largest concentrations of these toxins are found in red wine and dark liquors such as bourbon, brandy, whiskey, rye and tequila. White wine and clear liquors such as rum, vodka and gin have fewer congeners resulting in less frequent and less severe hangovers. Below is a list of the best beverages to drink while keeping your health and hangover in mind:

1) Grain Alcohol (be careful very high alcohol %)
2) Clear Liquor (vodka, gin, etc.)
5) Beer (light beer over regular)
4) Dark Liquors (dark Rum, whisky, rye, bourbon, etc.)
5) Wine (white over red)
6) Champagne

7) High Sugar Drinks (coolers, energy drinks, etc.)

*Avoid Sugary Drinks – If you didn't see the point above, AVOID SUGARY DRINKS! Wine, coolers and mixed drinks are going to leave you feeling worse in the morning than anything else. We understand not everyone can drink vodka water, so that's why we recommend mixing with reduced sugar or diet if you are having mixed drinks.

*Good Booze Vs Bad – It has been proven that drinking high quality liquor over cheap liquor not only tastes better, but is less likely to result in a pounding headache the next day. High quality liquor is typically filtered and distilled more than cheap liquor removing more impurities leading to a better morning. 

*Don’t Drink on an Empty Stomach Before drinking and during make sure you have a hearty meal. These meal should be high in carbs, protein and fats (burger, pasta, pizza, etc.). This will reduce your peak blood-alcohol content, and won’t have you white girl wasted after only a few drinks.

*Rest Up the Day Before This is another no brainer, but a good nights sleep or nap before drinking will do the body good. Most people don’t get enough sleep as it is. Going to sleep drunk you fall asleep like a baby, but you do not get the deep REM sleep needed to restore the body. This leaves you often feeling fatigued and irritated the following day.

* Stay Away from Cigarettes Tobacco smoke contains acetaldehyde which is a toxin directly responsible for debilitating hangovers. A study done by Brown University surveyed 113 college students and found that students had a higher chance at experiencing hangover symptoms if they smoked while drinking.


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