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Lexa Health

Lexa Health was founded on the principle of healthy drinking (yes there is such a thing). I myself am a fitness enthusiast and go the gym at least 5 days week and eat healthy on a consistent basis. Being human, I still enjoy drinking every now and then. When I do drink, my body hates me the following day. This hate tends to take the form of a pounding headache, upset stomach, loss of appetite, dehydration, dry mouth, fatigue, and irritability. As a health conscientious person, I knew this had a significant impact on my overall health.

After one too many hangovers, I decided to research the science behind the hangover and see if there was any possible way to reduce the impact they had on the body. After 6 months of research and teaming up with a PhD formulator/chemist, Alcaid was born. Alcaid is scientifically formulated to protect against the harmful side effects of alcohol consumption. Using 100% natural and organic ingredients, Alciad is able to help prevent hangover symptoms, promote liver health, and replenish the body with essential nutrients. Allowing you to get back to your healthy lifestyle, while significantly reducing the adverse effects of alcohol.



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